Unit/Lantai/Rt/Rw: Understanding the Basics

When it comes to property ownership in Indonesia, there are several terms that people often encounter. Among them are Unit, Lantai, RT, and RW. While these terms may seem basic, they actually hold significant meaning and implications, especially for those planning to buy or rent property.

What is a Unit?

A Unit refers to a single property or living space within a larger building or complex. This can be an apartment, a condo unit, a townhouse, or even a villa. When you own a unit, you are the rightful owner of that specific space and may use it for residential or commercial purposes.

Understanding Lantai (Floor)

Lantai is the Indonesian term for floor or level. In a multi-story building, each Lantai refers to the specific level where a set of units is located. This means that when you hear someone say “Unit di Lantai 4”, they are referring to a unit located on the 4th floor of a building.

What is RT?

RT stands for Rukun Tetangga, which translates to “neighborhood association” in English. An RT is a type of local community organization that aims to promote social cohesion and unity among neighbors. Each RT is managed by a group of elected officials and has its own set of rules and regulations.

Understanding RW (Kelurahan)

RW stands for Rukun Warga, which translates to “community association” in English. RW is a larger organization that encompasses several RTs within a single neighborhood or kelurahan. This means that if you live in a specific kelurahan, you are automatically a member of the local RW. The main goal of RW is to facilitate cooperation and collaboration among RTs and promote a sense of community.

Why are These Terms Important?

Understanding these terms is crucial, especially for those who plan to buy or rent property in Indonesia. When you buy a unit, for example, you are not just buying the physical space, but also the right to use the facilities and amenities provided by the building or complex. Knowing the Lantai where your unit is located can also help you plan your daily commute and understand the overall layout of the building.

Meanwhile, being aware of your local RT and RW can help you integrate better into the community and participate in neighborhood events and activities. It can also help you stay informed about local regulations and policies that may affect your daily life.


As you can see, Unit, Lantai, RT, and RW are not just simple terms, but rather important aspects of property ownership and community life in Indonesia. By understanding these terms, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to buying or renting property and take an active role in your local neighborhood.